“Most of the time, we hear or read testimonies about healing, deliverance, material blessings and so on. What you are about to read might sound a little bit unusual. But I believe this is the best testimony one can ever give about Jesus.

I am a young lady who started watching Emmanuel TV in 2014 after making what I would call “the greatest mistake of my life”. (It’s turned to the greatest blessing today!) I was so amazed by everything I was seeing on the channel that I decided to go to Nigeria because I was in need of reconciliation with some people I had deeply offended.

By the grace of God, I was privileged to attend service at the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) in June 2015. Things did not happen the way I expected however. I went to the SCOAN mostly because of Prophet T.B. Joshua and what I needed, not really because of Jesus. And God who knew the motive of my heart did not let me have my way.

I returned to the U.S. disappointed. I never knew it would be the beginning of an amazing journey with the Lord. I had no other options. The only man of God I knew who was capable of interceding on my case did not see me. I was desperate. I started focusing on my Bible rather than roaming about from church to church or from pastor to pastor. I was tired of trying to find alternatives and seeing God shutting all doors. Instead of focusing on deliverance videos, I began to watch more teachings from the Man of God, especially about meditation. I started applying everything he said every day, following scriptures from his book, The Mirror. This was when I began to experience REAL life!

I started seeing things in the Word that I had never seen. Having the Holy Spirit teach me was awesome. I had been very ignorant. So, understanding the Word became a passion for me. Every day, I woke up with a desire to know more and more from the Lord. I began to see what the Man of God meant by: “The Bible is a mirror.” I began also to see who I was and who Jesus wanted me to be.

Despite all my demonic attacks and nightmares, there was joy and peace withing me that I could not explain. I was becoming a new person day by day, even more beautiful on the outside too. The more I meditated on the Word, the more I hated who I was and desired to change. I had strong desires to become like Jesus; I mean in nature.

I applied, to the best of my ability, every teaching of the Man of God, and I can testify that indeed meditation brings revelation. The Lord revealed to me exactly what I needed and those simple words from Him cast out every fear in me. I was no more afraid of the demonic attacks. It was amazing how the more I was persecuted, the more Jesus showed Himself strong in me and gave me more joy and peace. So much more happened. Unfortunately, I would never able be to explain all of it. My relationship with God also became stronger and stronger.

But something happened some months ago. This changed the course of my life to a supernatural realm. Let me explain! I was about to have my quiet time with Jesus one fateful day. Before I started, this is exactly what I said to Jesus in my heart: “Jesus, Prophet T.B. Joshua says that we, Christians, do not know what Psalm 23 really means and that if only we understood its meaning, we would think differently and our lives would change. So, please Jesus today teach me what it really means. I want to know.”

I started reading. Brethren! What I got from that Psalm that day through the Holy Spirit was something I would have never understood on my own. Weeks later the Lord confirmed my meditation with a sermon from a man of God here in the U.S. I couldn’t stop thinking about that revelation for around two weeks!

That Psalm washed my brain, my mind, my spirit, my soul, my heart. I started thinking differently. The Word took on an entirely new sense. The Holy Spirit started giving me deeper revelations in my quiet time. It was like my blinded eyes were opened. Now, I don’t need any man of God to tell me anything about my life unless, of course, God guides me to them. I can have the opinion of God about everything in my life and about others too. Anytime I ask a question, He answers so clearly, and it is always accurate. The Holy Spirit guides me in everything. I still have issues in my life but I don’t care because the presence of Jesus is amazing. And now, I completely understand why Prophet T.B. Joshua said: “If you succeed in entering that Psalm into your heart, you will eat with God.” I am so happy to testify that I EAT WITH JESUS EVERY DAY!

So, what I would like to say is that Prophet T.B. Joshua is teaching real truth. And if only each and every one in the church would persevere in applying this truth, YOU TOO WOULD EAT WITH GOD. Start meditating sincerely on the Word. Ask God to teach you Psalm 23. I promise, even your problems will become a means of joy to you. When you have the presence of God in your life, a real understanding of who He is and who you are in Christ, it is HEAVEN ON EARTH. What we live as normal people is not the life Jesus wants us to live. Christians are not normal. We are not supposed to live like normal people. I thought I was living but I was wrong; I was struggling to live. It is now that I am living. It is now that I can call myself a Christian!

Seek Jesus with all your heart for who He is, not for what He can do. I dare you to be real and sincere in seeking a true relationship with Him. He will meet you where you are. He is so awesome, so amazing! Even when you are sad, Jesus will always find a way to comfort you. He will never give up on you until your inner joy comes back. Jesus is not just a God who sits in heaven watching us suffering. He has feelings. He loves us. Until you are happy, Jesus will continue to try and make you happy because when you are happy, He is happy too.

Love Jesus! We may not be perfect. But love Him, love His presence, make Him your friend, spend time with Him, sing to Him, praise Him, tell Him He is awesome, meditate on His Word, ask Him to teach you. If you find it difficult to apply His commandments, be sincere with Him, tell Him, don’t try to hide, don’t try on your own. He will help you. He is the best friend you can ever have.

He is not just a random God, He is Jesus. He is very nice, very loving. He can even play games with you. He goes to the grocery store with you. He cares about you, everything about you. Jesus is amazing. He is the best thing that could ever happen to you. He is so real. He does not lie. He knows everything. He answers questions clearly. When you spend time with Him, you learn to discern His voice. He takes care of you. One word from Him means the whole world.

Jesus does not mind mistakes, as long as we come to Him with a sincere heart and acknowledge our weaknesses. It is as Prophet T.B. Joshua said: “50 per cent on your side and 50 per cent on Jesus’ side.” Jesus delivers. He is always with you. He guides your path. He never lets you go hungry, without clothes, suffering. He is so reliable, so faithful and wonderful, the best of the best. He is even funny at times. He will make you laugh when it’s needed, cry when it’s needed, repent when it’s needed. He will give you his opinions about your friends, relationships. He will take care of your life from point A to point Z. As Prophet TB Joshua said: “you will not sweat to do anything.” He will guide you so clearly. Any questions you ask with sincerity of heart, He will answer: marriage, job, children, calling, career… just name it.

Please, listen to the teachings of Prophet T.B. Joshua. When you go to church, make “the message” your favourite moment. Prophecies are very good but when you start spending time with God, He will reveal things to you Himself. He might sometimes direct you to His men of God but don’t make it a priority. MAKE JESUS YOUR PRIORITY! Please, let us stop making Jesus sad. He does not deserve to be left alone and prayed to only at certain times or when we need Him. HE IS WORTHY TO BE LOVED! SO WORTHY!”

From a young lady who found real peace, joy, love and amazing friendship in Jesus. Emmanuel! He is indeed with us. Amen!