“Good Morning and Win Today! My name is Palvi Dean and I am a Doctor by profession. I was having the problem of a spiritual husband for over fifteen years. Due to this, I experienced so many problems in my life – no one liked me, nothing was working in my life and I was fully depressed. In fact, the devil spoiled my life completely. I tried to commit suicide several times – and I was always angry and frustrated. My life was a cycle of failures disappointments and rejections.

However, I was privileged to be given Morning Water through someone in India who had visited The SCOAN. I began to pray with it and started following TB Joshua’s ministry, watching testimonies and sermons online via Emmanuel TV’s YouTube Channel. Today. I’m totally free from that evil spirit and all the problems associated with it! I am released from spirit of depression! I thank God for my deliverance and for using the man of God Prophet TB Joshua to set me free from a problem of fifteen years! Thank You, Jesus!”