“Good morning. I first saw Emmanuel TV at a friend’s house but I thought it was one of those Nigerian Nollywood films. After I met my husband in 2010, he told me that he also knows about Emmanuel TV and we installed it in our shop. As we started watching it, our faith grew. We saw the miracles and blessings that people received. I saw people testifying how they were healed of even deadly diseases such as HIV/ AIDS and my faith grew even more.

“My husband and I started watching the live Sunday services and listening to Prophet T.B Joshua’s teachings. Oh my God – I became a new person praying with Emmanuel TV! When we sleep, we sleep with Emmanuel TV on. For me to be pregnant with my daughter, I prayed with the Prophet and touched the screen. In one month, I was pregnant! We have seen a lot of changes in our lives until we came to SCOAN in 2013 and we received our deliverance.

“Since we know Emmanuel TV, our lives have not been the same; we are more closer to God. The message I love the most is ‘Overcome your doubt’ where Prophet T.B. Joshua said you should let your doubt not pull you from God but draw you closer to Him. Today, I am a happy person, have my family and am married. I now know how to be a true Christian!