“I am from Makati City, Philippines but I am living in Mumbai, India for 8 years now. I came to know Emmanuel TV through online browsing as I searched for the words ‘prophets of this generation’ and I saw the name of T.B. Joshua and came to know about his ministry.

“I have never seen any work of God like this in my life – like the ministry of Jesus – in healing sick people and delivering them back to life. In fact, the Anointing is too strong on every deliverance and prophecy I watch. It has become a habit for me to watch and pray along with the Prophet of God T.B. Joshua.

“I may have struggles in life but I never doubt that God will reach me through this medium as He blessed Emmanuel TV in reaching out to the whole world to know more about God. Indeed, this helps me to be strong in my faith with God as I watch sermons, testimonies, hear prophecies, see deliverance and healing. I pray God will also allow me to go and visit the arena of liberty in His perfect time and in His grace and mercy.

“My family and I love Prophet T.B. Joshua. We pray that his ministry would continue to grow and reach out to even more people with the help of God. I have also never seen any ministry that gives like this to people around the world. God bless you Prophet T.B. Joshua and Emmanuel TV!

“I always share clips of Emmanuel TV on my social media pages so that my friends may know about God and see the evidence that Jesus Christ is still the same, yesterday today and forever. God bless you all!”

Jackyline Fontanilla Catuday-Sardar, Mumbai, India