“One day I was sitting in my sister’s house watching TV; it was a Sunday morning. I asked my sister if she was not going to church as usual then the reply she gave to me sounded crazy! ‘Today, I am worshiping on TV’. Not knowing how one can worship on TV, I just sat there desperately to see what kind of worship it was.

“When the Sunday service began on Emmanuel TV, my sister was connected! I can vividly remember my sister dancing to a praise song, ‘Today-o, Jesus will bless someone today’. I remembered that this was the channel I used to skip when scrolling through channels because it was of no interest to me.

“After then, I became addicted to Emmanuel TV such that I could not even spend a single day without watching it. My life has changed! I am a new being, living for Christ. I have peace of mind, knowing the power behind me. Thank you Prophet T.B. Joshua for changing my life through Emmanuel TV. Everyone out there – watch Emmanuel TV and your life will never be the same.”