“HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMMANUEL TV! I am a Zimbabwean but living in Botswana. I was introduced to Emmanuel TV by a workmate in 2009 after he shared with me a DVD of a woman who had an overdue pregnancy who the man of God prayed for and she gave birth that very moment in church! I had a decoder by then but did not know there was such a blessed channel. I started watching it day and night.

“By then I was drinking a lot, smoking, cheating on my wife and had no time at all to be with my children. To summarise it all, I’m delivered now, going to a living church, no longer drinking or smoking and spending my quality time with my wife and family. Thank You, Jesus! I encourage those who have not yet had an opportunity to watch Emmanuel TV to do so and see how God is ready to transform their lives.

“Prophet, thank you for everything you are doing for the glory of God. May the Lord strengthen you more and grant me also such a warm heart in Jesus’ mighty name. Emmanuel TV and partners – keep that faith. Emmanuel!”