“Good Morning. My name is Esther from Namibia. I was at The SCOAN last year on 21/01/2018. I was privileged to receive a prophecy from Prophet T.B. Joshua where he told me I had a ‘dull brain’ and experienced carryover in my academics. He then prayed for me!

“After that encounter, my life really changed! I passed my grade 12 and was able to go into university. I also used to drink, smoke, party and listen to worldly music – but all that stopped after my visit to The SCOAN. My love for Christ and determination to follow and be like Him has increased and I’m very happy!

“Also, I once had a spiritual attack at night where I felt an evil spirit stabbing me in the stomach and I couldn’t breathe. I immediately brought out my phone – where I had saved a picture of the Anointing sticker – and place it on my stomach. Immediately the pain left and the evil spirit went away. GLORY BE TO GOD!

“Distance is surely NOT a barrier – and I thank God for that. Hallelujah!”