“Good morning. My name is Janice Kwofie. Recently – as an Emmanuel TV Partner – I was blessed with the New Morning Water from Prophet T.B. Joshua. Little did I know that God was going to use this great medium to save our family!

“A tornado hit Dayton Ohio in the USA on Monday May 27, 2019. We had prayed with the Morning Water and were getting ready for bed when the sirens went off for a tornado warning. We went to our safe spot, thinking nothing about it. We woke up in the morning with our lights out and friends calling and texting to see if we were okay.

“Little did I know that – just a block away from our house – every house, apartment and business had been destroyed! I know we were spared because of the Morning Water we had used and the Morning Sticker on the front door. Thank you, Jesus for saving us and sparing all our neighbours’ lives. This was done only by the God of Prophet T.B. Joshua! It’s a blessing to be an Emmanuel TV partner. They’re always praying for you even when you feel like you can’t. Emmanuel!”