Mr. Gerald Adukwulu from Ghana shared this unusual testimony after being privileged to receive a Faith Bracelet.

“Good morning! I had the problem of a spiritual wife for the past 18 years which affected me in so many ways. It caused me disappointment, limitations and destroyed my academic career. This evil spirit further created hatred towards me by people. Keeping good friends was so difficult because the spiritual wife never allowed me to come in contact with anything or anyone that would enhance my life. I became so depressed because anytime I was about to experience breakthrough, I would see myself having sex in the dream and then face disappointment.

“The Faith Bracelet from The SCOAN came in as a saving grace! I was so privileged to receive the Faith Bracelet. After two days of wearing it, the spiritual woman appeared to me in a dream, removed a ring from her finger and threw it at me! She told me that the fire was too much for her to stand and she wanted a divorce!!! Since that day, the spiritual wife is a thing of the past! Thank You, Jesus, for this incredible deliverance. I can testify that since receiving this Faith Bracelet, my spiritual life has totally transformed. My heart is now constantly engaged in the things of God and I am no longer wasting time on things that have no lasting value or significance in my life.”