“Emmanuel! My name is Grace Kamanga and I am 42 years old from Malawi. I want to thank God of Prophet TB Joshua for what HE has done in the life of my daughter through the ministration of the New Anointing Water. It all started when my daughter, Priscilla Kamanga, turned 13 and suddenly she just stopped hearing for no apparent reason. She wasn’t sick prior to this. At first, I thought she was just pretending but to my greatest surprise, I realised that it was really serious. She relied entirely on gestures and reading of lips in order to follow what someone was saying. As a result, her performance at school dropped drastically. She couldn’t even communicate with her friends and teachers at school.

In search of solution, I visited the medical doctors. Upon assessment and running all the required tests, they couldn’t diagnose her with any problem. All the tests were normal but my daughter could not hear anything! The doctor prescribed hearing aids due to her deafness but even when wearing them, she could barely hear. This brought great concern to my family and I was so worried about my daughters condition.

I also visited traditional healers and witchdoctors who told me that my daughter was bewitched. I started moving from one prayer house to another but to no avail! For the past eight years, my daughter’s condition remained the same – deafness.

In February 2021 when I heard that my brother Simon Sichali had received New Anointing Water from Prophet TB Joshua, I mobilised the resources and started the journey to Chitipa, at least 600km North from Kasungu. The New Anointing Water was ministered in Jesus’ name and instantly she started hearing without using hearing aids for the first time in 8 years!!! Now she is normal and full of life; praise God! I thank Master Jesus for healing my daughter. In short, my daughter was deaf and now she can hear! Thank You, Lord!!!

My advice is this – in every situation, seek the face of God and exercise your faith. I cried to myself but could not provide any solution but when I surrendered my daughter’s situation to God, He healed my daughter from deafness through the New Anointing Water! Truly, there is the power of God in the New Anointing Water! Just believe and minister it with forgiveness and the sky will be your limit. Emmanuel! God is really with us.”