“Good Morning and Win Today! My name is Zhuzhuk Dmytry. Greetings form the city of Izmail in Ukraine! We want to testify about the wonderful healing God brought through the Anointing Water! We met a sailor who severely broke his leg. He had an unsuccessful operation and the leg was very swollen. The doctors said that he would probably be disabled; the company was already preparing to issue a lifelong disability pension for him!

My wife and I told him about our trip to The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) and Anointing Water and that there is no sickness that Jesus could not heal! After praying with the Anointing Water for him, the process of healing and restoration began! Shortly afterwards, he stopped using crutches and then began walking on his own – without aids! One month later, he was driving a car! Now, he is working at sea again, despite the doctors diagnosis! Jesus is indeed the Healer! Alexey is now healed! Through this miracle, our faith has greatly increased! We thank God, Prophet TB Joshua and the entire Emmanuel TV Team! Thank You, Jesus Christ!”