“Good Morning and Win Today! My name is Anjei Geraldine from Cameroon. I want to give thanks to God for healing me via the medium of Emmanuel TV rebroadcast of interactive prayers. I had a cold for months which affected my throat, causing it to be swollen. During this period, the swelling was so serious that I was unable to eat. I was only drinking water and liquid and I had difficulties in breathing properly.

I did several medical tests including a throat ecography and endoscopy but nothing was seen. I was later referred to a throat specialist. One night, I was so uncomfortable and unable to sleep. I decided to pray along with Prophet Racine this morning at 4am. As I prayed, I immediately noticed that the anxiety was gone and my throat opened up instantly! I really want to thank the Lord for His healing power and for giving us people like you in our lifetime. Thank you so much Emmanuel TV Team for your devotion and may God bless you all!”