“Emmanuel. My name is Rose Mukanya, I live in South Africa and I work in hospital as a Radiographer.

I am sending my testimony to give other brethren courage to know distance is not a barrier and to just believe! On 6th July 2020, I was not feeling well as almost all of my colleagues and doctors at my workplace were diagnosed with COVID-19. I had signs and symptoms of COVID-19, mostly heartburn, frequent urination and neck pain. I decided to visit our general practitioner and she had suggested I get tested.

To my surprise, my result said I was COVID-19 positive, even though I was using PPE. To God be the glory, I have been watching Emmanuel TV since the pandemic had begun and I remembered the prayer the prophet had conducted for the front line workers, which I had recorded on my phone and listed to frequently. I also watched the distance is not a barrier prayer sessions and downloaded them on my phone so I could watch them wherever I was.

During the period when I had the disease, I was isolated at home. I prayed with Emmanuel TV through the ‘Distance Is Not A Barrier’ prayer sessions on YouTube as the prophets and prophetesses were praying for people who were also infected with the disease. I put my faith in God as they were praying for the viewers and I found myself vomiting constantly during prayer as well as rushing to urinate! On that day after the prayer, the prophetess had encouraged those who were prayed for to get their negative results, so I went back for a test.

Shortly after going for the test, I was watching another session of prayer with the prophets and prophetesses of God. They said that distance is not barrier and encouraged us to just believe and put our faith in God’s Spirit. I applied my faith and after a few minutes, I started vomiting non stop! As I was vomiting, my phone had notified me that I had a message but I was still vomiting and had severe stomach cramps at that moment. After I stopped vomiting, I felt as if all the pain was finally removed from my body! I sat up and attended to my phone and found that it was the lab results which stated that I was COVID-19 negative!

The next day I resumed work and all my colleagues were shocked to see that I had a speedy recovery in comparison to my other colleagues who were tested positive before me.

I thank Jesus for healing me! As the prophet says that the prayer is not time bound and as we watch it we shall receive our healing and deliverance in Jesus’ name. I am now free from COVID-19 and from high blood pressure which I was suffering before. Thank You, Jesus, for healing me!”