“Emmanuel! My name is Omega William Kalago from Tanzania. It all started one morning with very severe itching on the right side of my head, which was very painful. I went to hospital but there was no solution. Soon, the itching developed sores and wounds all over the right half of my head. The skin became dead which would peel off after a simple touch. Actually, I suffered a lot!

One day while at home and in severe pain, I laid down on my back while watching Emmanuel TV and praying along with man of God, Prophet T. B Joshua. After the prayers, I fell into a deep sleep. Suddenly, I started dreaming and saw Prophet T.B. Joshua telling me, ‘Receive your healing by the blood of Jesus!’ I replied, ‘Amen!’

After waking up, I immediately felt different. I was very hot, weak and tired. That evening, the wounds and sores began to dry up and within days, my skin returned completely to normal. It was wonderful! Even my swollen eyes opened within one day of that divine encounter! I thank God of T. B Joshua for healing me and my family! I believe I will have the opportunity one day to visit The SCOAN for another big testimony. Amen!”

Are you suffering from a similar problem? Join T.B. Joshua in prayer and receive your own healing, in Jesus’ name: