“Good Morning and Win Today! My name is Peter Otache James. I was invited to the Emmanuel TV partnership meeting on 8th May, which I saw as an answer to my prayers. I journeyed from Abuja to The SCOAN with the faith that I would be healed from sickle cell anaemia which I have had since birth.

“I have always experienced crisis in my health and had the fear that I could die anytime soon as I fall sick easily. This sickness made it impossible for me to live a normal life as I have to be careful with what I eat, drink, wear and my life generally. I couldn’t play basketball which I love and I have to be careful with swimming which is also another sport I loved. My job was also affected. I couldn’t do a lot because I got tired easily and fell sick easily also. I have gone to hospitals, a lot of hospitals and churches hoping that one day God will have mercy on me and heal me.

“I was introduced to Emmanuel TV by my mum who was worried about my health condition and the poverty in my family. After a while, Emmanuel TV became our ‘go to’ place whenever we were down as we would pray along with Prophet TB Joshua at every opportunity! Despite the challenges in my job, I decided to be an Emmanuel TV Partner last and believed that step was going to change my life forever!

“When I got to The SCOAN and saw the testimonies as the partnership meetings commenced, my faith was built up and I believed that my healing was also going to come! During the ministration period, as the man of God came near me, I cried out asking him to help me as I had sickle cell anaemia and I wanted to be healed. He touched me and I felt an electric shock going through my body! I fell down, manifested and when I got up, I felt this strength that I have never felt before! Immediately I knew I was healed! Coming back to Abuja, I decided to go straight to Zaria where my parents were and I went and did a genotype test. The result came out and to the glory of God, my genotype was AA!!!

I want to thank God for this healing and I want to encourage whoever comes across this testimony to always believe and trust in God and also have faith. Finally, God is in SCOAN! I always doubted what was happening at The SCOAN at first because of things that I was told by people I looked up to as men of God. But after watching for a while , I realised that people were just criticising what they do not understand.

Emmanuel. Hallelujah!!!”