Good morning, people of God. My name is Odike Jones Ijale from Nigeria. I was having the problem of difficulty in urinating for four years. It had affected me in so many areas of life. I was always restless at night. At work, I could not perform my duties effectively. Even when I went to the hospital, the doctors were unable to diagnose the illness. I was in this torment but there wasn’t any cure for it.

I took a lot of medications but they couldn’t solve the problem; it seemed to be growing worse daily. I went different herbalists for treatment but yet my problems weren’t solved. My daughter and wife would wake at night to pray; they were in tears for me because of the severe pain I endured.

Once I am pressed to go to the toilet, as soon as I would get there, the urine would come out. It would come in small drops with severe pain. At times, I would actually cry out in pain because it was unbearable. It got a stage where I could not urinate at all. I had to be taken to hospital to drain out the urine with a catheter from my urinal tract. I had severe pains all over, especially from my stomach down to my male organ.

There was a day I was watching Emmanuel TV and saw an announcement about the Living Water Service. I was privileged to attend this service and received the Living Water. Immediately after drinking the Living Water, I went to the rest room and the urine came out with force! I urinated freely without any pain!!!

The following week, I began to urinate blood substance, which came along with pus. I showed my wife and children and my wife reminded me that I had just attended The SCOAN Living Water Service. For a whole week, I urinated this blood substance. Ever since then, I began to urinate freely and normally! Blessed be the name of the Lord! Thank you Jesus! Thank you Prophet TB Joshua! I am so glad. Emmanuel!”