Good morning Prophet TB Joshua and Emmanuel TV Team. My name is Pelagia Chakona from South Africa. I woke up one morning after having a terrible nightmare.I felt as if my nose had ‘breadcrumbs’ moving up and down accompanied with dry lips. My chest had sharp pains which I could feel the moment I bent down or stretched my hands to pick something. My head was aching deep inside. My shoulders were also in pain stretching to my fingers. I also realised that I had also problems with my eyes. 

So, when distance is not a barrier interactive prayer session started on Emmanuel TV on Wednesday 19/08/20 I decided to tap into the anointing. It was a shock of the day when I started coughing vigorously which I never experienced before. This deep cough was accompanied by serious vomiting and heavy manifestations from a demon. 

During the prayer, I was manifesting and coughing! It felt like my anus was threatening to come out and it was painful! So after the prayer I had serious stomach cramps and I went to the toilet and the waste products I excreted were producing an unpleasant smell.

I then started exercising my chest, my hands and my legs. Then I felt very strong. The headache, stomach cramps, and eye pain disappeared and that strong cough was no more! I say thank you Prophet TB Joshua and your team for such powerful prayers. Today I am feeling strong and good – free from the deadly disease COVID-19. Stay blessed, in Jesus’ name!