“Dear Man of God and all prayer partners at SCOAN, my name is Thiengneilhing Changsan from Haflong, Assam in India. Right now, I am in Bangalore.

“I have been watching Emmanuel TV on YouTube for the past two weeks and I was having severe back pain for the past one month. During Prophet TB Joshua’s prayer for the viewers, I said ‘Amen’ to the declaration of good health and breakthrough in every area over my life, in the name of Jesus!

“To the glory of God, my back pain has gone completely and now I don’t need to apply medication or ask people to massage my back. On 22nd June 2019, I also received healing from my irregular menstruation after praying with Emmanuel TV! That very night, I started getting my periods after more than a two month long gap.

“Thank you so much to the man of God and all of the loving Emmanuel TV partners. Above all, praise Jesus! I don’t have a video but my God knows that I am healed. I have shared this testimony to my parents, brothers and friends. Jesus is awesome! Thank you all for the good work of your ministry. Love you all!”