“Emmanuel! People of God, Emmanuel! Good Morning to you all. My name is Tofara from Zimbabwe. I want to thank the Almighty God for what He has done for me. My testimony goes like this: I had been suffering from a painful back since 2016. This back pain was so severe that I could not sleep peacefully for most nights. Even sitting straight up was challenging and I could not sit upright for long. I usually ended up slouching on a chair or lying on a recliner chair. I am quite tall so bending to pick something up was also horribly painful. I could not bend down for longer than a few seconds. When I slept, I would put a pillow in between my legs to dull the pain. As time went by, I became used to the pain and started ignoring it and tolerating it as it became a part of me.

“This all changed on the afternoon of 5th April 2019. I was privileged to receive the new Morning Water and booklet from The SCOAN. I woke up in the morning and ministered the Morning Water and started meditating in my heart singing the Emmanuel TV songs ‘Spirit Pray Through Me’ throughout the day. In the afternoon as I was lying on my bed, I decided to read the new Morning Water Booklet. As I was reading, my heart was engaged with the booklet and meditating on the song. My body started shaking whilst I was on the bed and my back started to contort in a stretching way – going up and down. As that was happening, I knew that the power of healing was moving through my body! When I stood up, I felt no more pain!! I immediately started thanking God!

“Now I can bend without struggling. I can pick up things from the ground without drawing out a chair to sit before I pick it up!! I can now sit straight up without a challenge. I thank God for healing me and restoring strength to my back and for locating me. I would also like to thank Prophet T.B Joshua and the Emmanuel TV crew for being the vessels God has chosen to speak through in changing lives, changing nations and changing the world. Thank you God for my healing and restoring my health. In Jesus’ mighty name. Amen!”