“Emmanuel – God is with us! I’m happy to share my wonderful testimony with you to glorify God Almighty for what HE has done for me and my family in Jesus’ name through Prophet TB Joshua. My name is Dr Mouhoube Ako, originally from Togo but currently living in Germany where I work for an international chemical company as the Senior Manager of Regulatory Affairs, responsible for the registration of our company products in several EU and non-EU countries.

“I was facing a serious health challenge, namely severe hypertension (over 186/105) and was put on medication since January 2019. I visited The SCOAN, Lagos, Nigeria with my family and attended the Sunday Service on Sunday 7th July 2019. We were privileged to attend the Living Water Service on Monday 8th and went back home the following day. On my arrival home, I noticed that the symptoms I was having disappeared! I measured my blood pressure and was surprised to find that it had become normal. I stopped the medication and continued checking my blood pressure every day for several days and everything was normal. Until today (three months after I stopped my medication), my blood pressure is still normal. Thank You, Jesus!”

“My healing from hypertension was not enough for Jesus. When I returned to my work in Germany, I was surprised to lean that I was promoted (in my absence) to a higher position! In fact, I was granted the full power of attorney signature rights, which grants me the special status of official company representative. My promotion was signed by the General Director of the company himself – in the same week in which I attended the Living Water Service. People of God, Emmanuel! With this promotion, my signature is necessary for important internal decisions and external communications so that they can be officially recognised as valid by competent authorities and by partner companies. In addition, for external payments and invoices over a certain amount, my authorisation is required.

“What a God I serve! I was not even dreaming of getting where He put me today. As a consequence of this promotion, I was blessed with a significant salary increase. I thank God for his Mercy on me and my family. My advice is to keep watching Emmanuel TV! Thank You, Jesus!!”