“My name is Precious Mulenga and I am 34 years old from Zambia. In 2014 I was told that I was HIV/AIDs Positive 1, which came as a shock to me. I was told immediately that I needed to be put on medication. This disease caused a lot of delay and trouble in my life. Although I never had any symptoms, I continued taking the medication. I was also having very scary nightmares. I gave my life to Jesus Christ and believed that God would one day deliver and heal me. I decided to watch and follow Emmanuel TV, regularly praying along with Prophet T.B. Joshua, as well as joining a living church here in Zambia.

“So, I was privileged to visit The Synagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) on 25/11/2018 and my prayer was for the Holy Spirit to locate me and deliver me from this infirmity. By God’s grace, I was among those privileged to pray on The SCOAN Altar and also drink the Living Water. As I prayed on the altar, a demon within me manifested and confessed that it gave me HIV/AIDs because my ancestors had dedicated me to an idol of the family! The evil spirit confessed a lot of things, also saying that it didn’t want me to get married. I watched the video on YouTube after my deliverance! After my deliverance I have been sleeping peacefully, I am joyful and great doors have been opened for me. Shortly afterwards, I went to redo the HIV test and I was tested HIV/AIDs negative!!! I have attached the pictures of my medical reports both before and after my visit to The SCOAN. I am completely healed and I want to return all the glory to God! I pray God will continue to bless His servant Prophet TB Joshua, The SCOAN Evangelists and the entire Emmanuel TV Team. Matthew 6:33. The best is yet to come!”

Indeed, there is NEVER a sickness Jesus cannot heal and NEVER a disease Jesus cannot cure.