“Hello, I’m Raquel Karlsson, a Salvadoran living for eight years in Sweden. In 2015, I was diagnosed with Diabetes type 2. I had to take 32 units of insulin every day with 1000 grams of a medication called metformin. I was very sick! However, I recently discovered TB Joshua and starting to watch Emmanuel TV everyday! I spent almost all of my free time watching and even when I am on the bed before sleeping, I would watch on my phone.

“When I went to the doctors for another check-up, which happens twice a year, the doctor started asking me many questions. They were asking what I had been doing for the last few months and the types of food I was eating. I asked why she was asking all of these questions and the doctor replied, ‘It is because your two last blood tests are completely normal!’ She then told me, ‘The medicine has done a good job!’ I said to her, ‘Excuse me – but I haven’t injected insulin regularly for the last two months and I did not toke any metformin!’ The doctor was so surprised and couldn’t give me any explanation about my recovery.

“I am very thankful to my LORD JESUS and the precious HOLY SPIRIT for healing me and I thank TB Joshua for showing me how to have a real relationship with my GOD! I have attached the proof of the tests I had in 2015 and the last one proving my blood sugar levels are now normal, alongside the medication that I had to take everyday. Blessings from Sweden!”