“Good morning! Emmanuel! Emmanuel! Emmanuel! God is with us! My name is Mrs Doris Muleya Mwansa from Zambia. I just want to thank God Almighty for healing me from bleeding. It all started on 26th July 2018 when I began my periods which were supposed to last for four to five days. To my surprise, that never happened. My husband started his leave from work on 1st August 2018 and he was to report back for work on 23rd August. During that entire time, I was bleeding and we were so worried. We didn’t know what to do because that has never happened to me before.

“On 2nd September 2018, I was watching The SCOAN Live Service on Emmanuel TV. As the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua was praying, I touched the screen on my television and prayed along with him. From that day till now my bleeding stopped, alongside the sharp back pain I used to have! I am completely ok now; praise the Lord! Thank You, Lord Jesus, for healing me. All glory be to You! I also thank the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua for making himself available to be used by God. May you live a very long life and may God increase you more and more, in Jesus’ name! I salute the grace upon you. Emmanuel!!!”

This is the prayer which was offered by Prophet T.B. Joshua that day:

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