My name is Shayra Rodriguez. I’m from Puerto Rico, an island on the Caribbean Sea between North and South America. Our main language is Spanish. I’m 27 years old. I’m a Christian born again with Jesus’ blood. One day, I was searching on the internet and saw a posted video. I clicked on it and it was a testimony from The SCOAN. It was about how satan destroys youth using Facebook and the internet. It touched my heart even though I just used Facebook to spread the Word and the internet mostly for assignments, etc. I was impressed and wanted to start knowing about Prophet T.B. Joshua’s ministry. Since then, it has been like 5 months.

My relationship with the Lord is growing through the blessings from the man of God. I’m growing in another level since then. I see everything in a different way, more like God’s way. I’m maturing constantly. You’re one of those who taught me the Word and led me to others levels in God. I hope some day I could visit The SCOAN and meet Prophet T.B. Joshua. But till that day comes, I will continue experiencing God’s power through YouTube. God bless you and thank you for never surrendering and for being a true man of God. Thank God for you.