Melissa from South Africa shared this touching testimony of going from the depths of despair with suicidal thoughts whirling within – to being incredibly blessed with a job beyond her wildest dreams!

“After working internationally for two years, I thought finding a job back home in South Africa would be easy – but I was wrong! I was unemployed for one and a half years, even though I have international experience. I didn’t understand why, after applying for about 10 positions a day, I still could not find a job. I started to get pressure from my peers because every time I saw them on social media succeeding, my heart just broke because my life was stuck. I eventually fell into depression, started having suicidal thoughts and forgot who I am in Christ. I was literally applying for EVERY post online. One day, my uncle gave my mother the Morning Water blessed by Jesus Christ and she gave it to me. I ministered the Morning Water immediately and weeks later, I got an interview in the Central Bank of South Africa! They then told me outright that I didn’t qualify for that position but they hired me anyway! They wanted someone with at least a certificate or diploma and I didn’t have both! I would like to thank God today for opening doors for me when I have totally given up on life. HE raised me up again to glorify his name via my life. I would also like to thank my Prophet TB Joshua for bringing us close to God through his ministry. God Bless”

Remember, it is not the Morning Water itself which heals or brings breakthrough; it is Jesus Christ, since the anointing is doing in His name!