“Good morning! My name is Paulina Awini from Ghana. I was suffering from a spinal disc prolaspe for a year until I went to The SCOAN on 9th June 2019. I was placed at the Prayer line and was ministered to. To the glory of God, all my waist pain disappeared, restrictions in my movements were gone and I was delivered!

“I had also been suffering from a chronic ear problem for more than 30 whole years. I had a sore in my right ear and the pain extended to the right part of my head, down to my right shoulder and the whole upper part of my body. It was when I returned to my house in Ghana that I really understood what The Word of God tells us – ‘When the LORD sets you free, you are free indeed!’

“So, just a few days after reaching home, I began to cough seriously and strongly for days – to the extent my children proposed we go to the hospital. I however declined the offer because I knew God was using it to bring things that did not belong in me out. Shortly afterwards, I suddenly felt a strong force – like a bone positioned across my right jaw to my right ear.

“I then ran to my room, knelt down and prayed, asking God for forgiveness of sins and I ministered the Morning Water. All of a sudden, I started coughing and vomiting uncontrollably. I vomited certain substances and to the glory of God now, I received perfect healing in my ear also!  The ear I couldn’t freely touch, I can now massage!

“Really, JESUS is alive; He never said goodbye! Children of God, all the pain at the right part of my body and head and ear is all gone and I am free indeed. So I advise you to hold on tightly to God and keep on trusting Him, no matter what the situation looks like, for God’s time and way is the best. When HE heals, HE heals indeed! Thank You, JESUS! Praise the LORD! Keep watching Emmanuel TV. Emmanuel!”