For “many years” Patricia Mtungila sipped only what social media brewed about Prophet T. B. Joshua. A very sweet and frothy beverage, the sad thing was: it troubled her spiritual digestive system; she suffered from acute fault-finding, resulting in loss of quietude.

Happily, she got the diagnosis right, and in good time too. She went on her knees and humbly took the remedy. “For many years, I was so critical of the Man of God,” she said. “As a Christian, I never listened attentively to his teachings; I merely judged him by what people said on social media. I have now asked God to forgive me.”

Following her about-turn, Patricia knew she’d never remain the same again. A much sweeter feeling sailed quietly across her soul. “I am at peace,” she said. She also came “to really understand and believe” that she had, all the while, been robbed of the blessings of “health, peace, prosperity and joy” that Christ Jesus obtained for her.

She testified: “Since I began to watch Emmanuel TV in July, last year, I have received healing from piles, and deliverance from the spirit of anger and unforgiveness, which caused me clinical depression.”

Where she once had only unkind words and feelings, a new Patricia now has a prayer. “God bless Prophet T. B. Joshua and all those serving at the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN),” she said. Confessing her faith “has been encouraged by all the testimonies,” Patricia proudly says: “I now watch Emmanuel TV EVERYDAY!”