Emmanuel! My name is Rex Chaaba. I am 25 years old from Zambia. I’m currently a student at the Copperbelt University, studying mining engineering. I would like to share my testimony of what God has done in my life since I started to Emmanuel TV!

I’m the only child of my mother and since I was born in 1995, I never knew who my father was. I grew up with my mother; she was the only one who was taking care of me from a tender age – right through Primary to Secondary School.

During my time at Secondary School, I began looking for my father but he was nowhere to be found. That alone affected my upbringing cause I lacked mentorship from my father. I never experienced how it feels to be guided by a male parent but glory be to God that I had my mother who was there for me since day one.

I was introduced to Emmanuel TV by my friends after I failed my grade nine exams two times. I had failed badly and was depressed to such an extent that I even wanted to kill myself. But after my friends told me about Emmanuel TV, I  started watching it. I actually had the problem of bedwetting but ever since I was introduced to Emmanuel TV and started watching it, I stopped bedwetting, the suicidal thoughts and depression were gone and my faith grew strongly!

I wrote my exams, passed and finally completed Secondary School. After I completed my school, I continued to watch Emmanuel TV. Behold, one fateful night I went to sleep after watching Emmanuel TV and I had a dream where the man of God, Prophet TB Joshua, visited me! He prayed for me and gave me instructions on how to find my daddy by getting a specific number from Facebook.

When I wake up in the morning, I did exactly as he instructed me. Behold I To the glory of God, I spoke to my daddy that morning! Later on, I met him for the first time in 21 years! I give the glory to God! Not only did God bless me to meet my father but He also blessed me to enter the second best university in Zambia with a full scholarship and accommodation from government! This was all through watching Emmanuel TV! I give all the glory to God Almighty!  Right now, I am a third year student!  I thank Jesus Christ and I know better is not good enough; the best is yet to come. Emmanuel!!!