Powerless to break the habit, Chipo smoked cigarettes and drank beer “a lot” for 15 years. While his body hurt from the addiction, his heart took a pounding from his wife, “a bully”. But that was until a friend who had visited The Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) returned with the Morning Water and Stickers. 

At 34, Chipo Thipe, a resident of North West Maun, Botswana, was a proud father of “two precious daughters” with his wife, Eunice Jaureni. If his daughters gave him any joy, his almost two decades-old bondage to beer and cigarettes ensured sadness was never far away. What more, his wife had a temper. And it didn’t seem he had any wits to get around it.

His troubles, notwithstanding, Chipo remained open to divine intervention. When his wife, therefore, showed him items such as – Morning Water, Stickers and CDs from The SCOAN, expectation rose in his heart.

“One fateful evening, she ministered the Morning Water to me and to herself. At a point, she collapsed. After this, we both slept,” he said.

What happened the next day could only have been the result of a supernatural encounter. The wife he had tagged ‘a bully’ woke up a changed woman – quiet and peaceful. A month later, Chipe fell sick. For two weeks, while the wife was away on a business trip  to Zambia, he prayed and hoped for a recovery. It came. But it was with a twist he couldn’t explain: “After the sickness was gone, I noticed, to my greatest surprise, that the spirit of smoking cigarettes and drinking beer had vanished, just like that!”

Having witnessed the efficacy of praying with the Morning Water, Chipo and Eunice longed for more. And the opportunity came when another friend visited The SCOAN. “We kept praying and ministering the Morning Water. Till date, we are living a happy life together,” he testified, adding: “We give glory and thanks to God for using Prophet T.B. Joshua, his servant, to heal us. Even those who stoked hatred against us have become our good friends again. I also put the Stickers on our car. These have contributed to our accident free rides. EMMANUEL!”