Angelina Kwasi from Ghana had a special revelation of Jesus Christ after being privileged to receive the Faith Bracelet at The SCOAN. Be blessed as you read of her inspiring, Heavenly vision!

“By the special grace of God, I visited The SCOAN on the 26th of December 2014 and left on the 30th. I was blessed with the Faith Bracelet and also the Anointing Water. Since then, I have always read my bible with devotion and counted my faith with my bracelet. The last thing I do before I go to bed is count my faith with the anointed words, ‘Take more of me and give me more of You’.

“Last night after reading John 1:38, I answered Jesus’ question with ‘All I want Lord is to make Heaven’. I also read Exodus chapter 14 and learnt some valuable lessons. I went to bed with so much joy in my heart. I started counting my faith and finally slept off. In my dream, I found myself with other people and we were building staircases. Occasionally, the man of God Prophet T.B. Joshua came around to supervise and encourage us.

“After we had built enough staircases, a coaster bus was provided to carry us to our various homes. We got to a point where the road was narrow because the staircases had narrowed, so we were asked to wait so they could bring something to open up the way a bit for the bus to have easy access. That was when I alighted from the bus together with a friend. I looked up into the sky and saw images that I couldn’t comprehend. I asked my friend whether she could also see what I was looking at.

“I signalled her to look up and behold, right up there in the sky was our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ! With all the strength in us we shouted, ‘Jesus! Jesus!’ All the other people joined in shout of adulation. My God, we were so happy! Jesus stretched out His hand; it was a mighty hand and He blessed us. After that, He began to diminish from His torso until it was left with only His Head. His head became a very big bright light before it reduced gradually into a little star and eventually vanished. That was when I woke up from bed and found myself saying, ‘Thank You, Jesus! Thank You, Jesus!’

“I thank God so much for using Prophet T.B. Joshua to introduce the Faith Bracelet to us. I can honestly testify that my heart is at peace since I began counting with my hands and talking with my heart. Thank You, Jesus Christ!”