“I’m from the USA and I have watched Emmanuel TV for over five years; my only regret is that I didn’t know about it at its first inception. At last, I have a ministry that I can point to as a true representative of the biblical account in the Scriptures. Sceptics and scoffers and those of different religions may watch and make their own decision, and no doubt they will take a second look if they look objectively without a jaundiced eye.

“Here is a ministry you can only follow but you cannot imitate. How do you imitate the Holy Spirit? You may follow along and receive your own portion and succeed with that but the name of the ministry stands by itself. Those who are superficial in their devotion usually are strangely silent when it comes to something of this strength. Our devotion is tested when confronted with a ministry that proves the reality of Christ’s Resurrection. Thank you Prophet TB Joshua for your devotion to our Saviour and not wavering no matter what they say. Soldier on!”