“My name is Apalwe from Zambia. I would love to thank God for the change I have experienced through watching Emmanuel TV! Ever since I started praying along with TB Joshua on Emmanuel TV and YouTube, I no longer experience anger! I was shocked the other day when I was advising my young sister and she responded rudely – but I was so calm! It was so shocking because before I would have insulted her back or beaten her! Thank God I don’t have the spirit of anger anymore because in the past little things would really anger me! Now, I’m completely free! Emmanuel! The other thing is that ever since I started listening to Prophet TB Joshua’s preaching, I learned to forgive genuinely and also to ask for forgiveness. Emmanuel!!! Thank God for the life of Prophet TB Joshua. I love his preachings – they speak to your soul.”

If you are struggling with the spirit of anger, we encourage you to watch this sermon from Prophet T.B. Joshua: