“My name is Chidozie Onyekachi Amos. I am from Anambra State, Nigeria. When I was 17 years old, I came across a pornographic material. Later, a thought came to me that I should masturbate, which I did. It was my first time ever. But I realised I could no longer stop. For the next four years, I remained in bondage of the destructive habit. I began to see myself having sex with women in my dreams. And whenever I woke up, I found I was overwhelmed by a desire to masturbate.

I always prayed to overcome the problem. But this was to no avail. I met a friend who viewed Emmanuel TV in his house. One day, as we watched, I saw the Man of God, Prophet T. B. Joshua, praying for viewers all over the world. I believed many people were touching the screen by faith and praying along but I couldn’t bring myself to do the same. As I made effort to stand up from my chair, a thought crossed my mind: ‘Don’t do it. The man is not a true servant of God. He will destroy you!” I sat back.

My doubts began to melt afterwards. One day, as the Man of God prayed, I rose and took slow steps to the TV. I stood there for a while. Then I reached out my hand and placed it on the screen. I will never forget what happened. A vibration ran through my body, after which I became weak. Before the experience, I found it difficult to pray; I was always overtaken by sleep whenever I tried. Now, after receiving my deliverance through the Man of God, prayer has become a delight. My bad dreams have stopped. And most importantly, the urge to masturbate has disappeared!

I thank God for my new life. Emmanuel!”

Are you struggling with a similar bad habit or addiction? Pray along with Prophet T.B. Joshua and receive your own deliverance, in Jesus’ name!