“Good morning. My name is Patricia Mensah. Just a week after my wedding, I had a dream one night and saw a woman came and sleep with me. Since that incident, I had always seen myself having sexual intercourse with a woman in my dream. The peak of this was when I tried furthering my education. I was supposed to go and stay on the the campus of the university in order to write exams. One night on the campus, this woman came to sleep with me again in my dream.

“On the morning of that incident I went to the class and there was this lady in class that I was having a strong desire to have intercourse with. I could not stop looking at her butt and admiring her. At the same time I felt embarrassed. So, I went somewhere and prayed that God would help me not to do what I was feeling. Because of that incident, so much frustration followed and I ended up not completing the first semester.

“Secondly, I have tried finding a job to no avail. I also tried running a business but it collapsed within 6 months. I tried having a chicken farm but one day dogs came to eat up all my chickens. I have prayed and fasted but things never got better!

“However, one night I was sleeping with Emmanuel TV on when Prophet T. B was conducting mass prayer on the TV. Suddenly I was hearing in my dream: ‘Be delivered, in the name of Jesus!’ In that moment, I saw the prophet in my dream and he touched my forehead and I fell down. A week after that, I saw him in my dream a second time and he prayed for me again. This time, I vomited all kinds of substances in my dream.

“Praise the Lord that since that incident, I have never seen any woman, man or strange thing try to have sexual intercourse with me again in my dream! I feel so light. One Christian sister keeps asking me ‘What happened to you? You have changed so much, even your face looks brighter!’ I know better is not good enough; the best is yet to come in Jesus’ name. Amen.”