Good Morning and Win Today. My name is Friday Kongwa from Zambia. My problem was the spirit of masturbation. It all started in my early teenage years. A friend of mine introduced me to pornographic movies and we started watching them. In the process, I started to masturbate each time I watched. This affected me a lot because even when I got married, I still continued masturbating – which is something I had not shared with my wife. I never even went to look for solution because I believed that it is was not a sin.

A friend of mine introduced to Emmanuel TV. Although I initially wasn’t interested, I eventually started watching. One fateful Sunday when Prophet TB Joshua was praying, I joined in by faith and touched the screen of the television. Immediately I felt ‘pressed’, went to the toilet and urinated some reddish substance. Since that encounter, I have not experienced that urge of masturbating! This happened in 2012 and I have been free from that spirit ever since! Thank You, Jesus! Thank you Emmanuel TV! Thank you Prophet TB Joshua!

I know now that Jesus is alive. I read the Bible and I’m able to pray now – which are things I never used to do. My advice is that distance is NOT a barrier! Just believe and God can touch you, wherever you are!”