“My name is Jessy Kyalo Musyimi and I am a Kenyan living in Norway. I have never been to The SCOAN but I follow and watch Emmanuel TV daily. This has changed me and my family! We have been saved, healed and delivered by Jesus through watching Emmanuel TV.

“I was in my sitting room the day of the Emmanuel TV UK Revival. I followed it from the start to the end. When it was time for Mass Prayer, I stood up to pray. Suddenly, I felt what was like a mild cough. Within seconds, I was on the floor coughing and vomiting uncontrollably. The poisonous substances inside me came out in the form of mucus, saliva and blood. In fact, I was delivered right here in Norway!

“Previously, I was having pain in my ankles. I could not run and sometimes it was painful walking. Since that day, all this pain has left. I can run and walk without any pain! The following week, I got a salary raise and a bonus at work!

“I thank Jesus for loving me and my family so much. Thank You, Jesus, for delivering me and my family. I know that the best is yet to come. Thank you Emmanuel TV. Thank you T.B. Joshua!”