“Good Morning and Win Today! My name is Nomsa Jele from Swaziland. My testimony goes like this: I have been experiencing terrible nightmares. I often dreamt of eating and also seeing dead people. I would also dream of myself at either my primary or secondary school. These dreams affected me adversely as I experienced delays in progress, disappointment at points of breakthrough, rejection and setbacks. I attended many deliverance services, including all night prayers with fasting. However, these did not seem to help as the problems persisted.

“On the 26th May 2020, I happened to watch Emmanuel TV all day long and they were showing series of powerful testimonies. Wow! I just thanked our Lord Jesus for granting us such a rare opportunity. These testimonies were heart touching and definitely faith building. After seeing the testimony of a brother who received healing from buttocks cancer, my faith substantially grew. I believed that Jesus was about to do something in my life! I kept watching Emmanuel TV, even late into the night.

“While I was watching the testimonies at 3am, I suddenly began to vomit! I vomited a black and very bitter substance which also consisted of blood. I could feel the presence of God and it’s like I was compelled to vomit. I kept vomiting for more than two hours. After my deliverance, my body feels so free and light and I have been sleeping peacefully! I am also spiritually uplifted; my faith has grown as I believe that God is the God of impossibilities. Viewers all over the world, please keep on watching Emmanuel TV! Your time will eventually come as God’s time is the best!