“My name is Marie Florance Paul. I was born in Haiti but live in United States of America. I have been watching Emmanuel TV since August 2017. On January 5th, 2019, I had a dream where the prophet was having a one day revival in Haiti. He prayed for me and I saw two people down on the floor. While they were sitting on the floor , the man of God separated them with his right foot. It was one boy and one girl. It was like these two people were living in me and the man of God cast them out of me!

“He then said to me, ‘You were supposed to be a great accountant’. When I woke up in the morning, I knew that Jesus delivered me from spiritual husband and familiar spirits who were tormented me in my health, my marriage and in everything I was doing in life. I am free from these spirits because whom Jesus sets free is free indeed! I thank Jesus for using the Man of God to deliver me and my family! I am free forever in Jesus Christ’s name! Amen!!”