Akagbusi Beneth Uchechukwugameriri, a Nigerian living in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, shared the following testimony to the glory of God:

“I want to testify to the goodness of the Lord God Almighty in my life using His prophet, a true man of God Prophet TB Joshua to deliver me from my financial woes, disappointments and near success syndrome. I really do not know where to begin as I have never done this before!

I was one of those that thought Prophet TB Joshua was fake until one day when I was discussing about him with a friend and I was told that he is real and actually delivered his brother from a serious eye problem. I made up my mind to visit his church but I did not know how to go about it because of financial challenges. The friend I thought we could make it there together with disappointed me and the hope died until recently when I stumbled across a little amount of money. I did not think twice about making the journey to the church with faith in God that all my problems will end that day and I will have am encounter with the Prophet.

Getting to the church, I saw the grace of God working marvellously for me as we were being ushered in. During the church service, I encountered the presence of the Holy Spirit around me while the Morning Water session was going on. I cried bitterly and poured my heart to God. One of the ushers asked me what my problem was and I explained to her that I lost everything I owned including my car and I was about to lose my house because I could pay for it; nothing was working out for me! She asked me to wait behind.

I was told the prophet of God was not available as they said he had not been around for a month as he went to the mountain for prayers. He was meant to come that day but it was not certain. I had strong belief in my mind that I was going to have an encounter with him and my problem would be over. I also knew that if I didn’t have an encounter with him, I was delivered through the Morning Water. I was ready to wait as long as it would take me to make sure I saw the end of that day! Fortunately, the prophet of God came much later in the night and he touched me. I felt a difference and I was given another Morning Water. I was asked to come the next day which I did and that same Grace worked for me. I was subsequently given the Faith Bracelet, calendar and a bag.

To cut the long story short, after this encounter, things have started working out for me! Miraculously, I was able to redeem my house by paying the rent. I am happy, knowing in faith that every other thing that I requested is on the way in God’s time. I want God’s continuous grace and favour upon my life to be prosperous and successful in every area of my life. God is real and true to His words. All you just need to do is to seek Him in faith. Prophet TB Joshua is also a true man of God and real. He is a selfless man who cares only about helping people! Less for him and more for others.

Dear Prophet TB Joshua, I pray that God continues to fill you with great strength to keep up His work and grow the church winning souls for him! Please sir also put me in your prayers always. Emmanuel. Praise the Lord!”