“Emmanuel – God is really with us. My name is Isaac Ezionwu, a Nigerian living in Malaysia. I want to thank God for my life and also for His servant Prophet TB Joshua. May God continue to preserve and strengthen him! My testimony goes like this: I have suffered so much because of the spirit of alcohol. Though I started making money at an early age as a businessman before travelling abroad – I had nothing to show for all of the money I made.

“The spirit of alcoholism really destroyed my life. I drank alcohol like it was water! Imagine – even if I was going to a church service, I would have a small bottle of whiskey in my bag or pocket. Anywhere I was going, I must have an extra bottle of alcohol with me. Before going out for any occasion, I would drink first and then usually end up clubbing. Everything I earned in the past, I could not give any account of it – except the woman in my life and my son who were so patient with me in that difficult time.

“I was drinking since 1998 until I was introduced to Emmanuel TV. As I watched Emmanuel TV, I saw so many testimonies on YouTube about the issue of alcoholism – which helped me understand there was a demon behind my addiction. I was privileged to get Morning Water through a friend in December 2016 and I ministered it to myself in Jesus’ name.

“To the glory of God – since that day until now, I have not drunk any alcohol! The beautiful thing is that I don’t even have the urge or the thought to take it. In fact, I see alcohol as poison now! I stopped mixing with wrong friends and feel so ashamed when I look back at my past life. I am just feeling so sad for people who still drink alcohol. I pray that the same God who delivered me from that spirit will also deliver them, in Jesus’ name! I believe with God, all things are possible! God bless you all. Emmanuel!”