“My name is Obedience Zitha from South Africa. For over three months,  I’ve been battling with headaches. I couldn’t walk for a long distance or concentrate for long. This affected me at work; I was less productive and I was afraid to go to a place where I’d be alone. For a whole month I was off work getting prayers and even went to hospitals but to no avail.

“When I decided to go back to work, I hoped it would disappear but the headaches still continued. I started reading my Bible everyday, knowing God talks to us through His Word. Throughout everything, I started to realise that in the midst of all our unbearable situations, God remains the same. I started believing that no matter what I went through, God is always aware and stopped worrying about my headaches. I started focusing on pleasing God; I meditated on His Word and I picked a day where I didn’t ask for anything in my prayers but just thanked Him for everything else I have.

“On Sunday 28th July 2019, I watched testimonies on Emmanuel TV and saw what God did. When people were prayed for, I saw God working wonders! When I joined the Mass Prayer with Emmanuel TV, it was with great faith – I knew God would do it for me! After the Mass Prayer, the headaches completely disappeared! As I prayed along with Prophet TB Joshua afterwards, I was just thanking God for this wonderful miracle. Now I know that what I went through was for my own good. I’m better than I was before. Glory be to Jesus for making a way for me!”