Although he had many problems, 41-year-old Siyabonga Emmanuel Ngubane needed just one medicine – the mighty power of Jesus.

For more than 20 years, he was a slave to “excessive intake of alcohol”. He smoked marijuana and was battered by the spirits of anger, suicide and stubbornness. What more? He couldn’t say no to lust, masturbation and watching of pornography. He also suffered from piles.

But faith, as the Scriptures say, comes through hearing. As Siyabonga watched Emmanuel TV and soaked up the anointed teachings of Prophet T.B. Joshua, he became confident he could experience the power of God.

One day, he prayed along with the Man of God. It was the beginning of a new chapter. He was not only delivered miraculously from his load of challenges, “hope” returned to his “meaningless” life. He felt drawn “closer to God” and began to attend a “living church”, after 25 years nonattendance! Transformed, he now reads his Bible “more often” and thanks the Prophet for teaching him “how to pray”!