A cervical problem prevented her pregnancies from reaching the third trimester: a touch by the hand of Prophet T. B. Joshua, in the name of Jesus Christ, reversed the situation.

Two things kept Cameroonian Mrs. Adele Gaima perpetually unhappy. Never had she reached the third trimester. Diagnosed as having a “cervical problem”, all efforts to find a cure yielded nothing. “It seemed there was no hope,” she cried. Thrice she became pregnant. And thrice she suffered miscarriages at the second trimester.  As if the agony wasn’t enough, Adele endured molestation and ridicule; the pitiable fate of many women who encounter difficulties with childbearing.

Beyond her challenges, however, Adele closely watched supernatural exploits and testimonies of deliverance at the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN). Her faith began to grow. She became increasingly confident the victory she had seen in the life of others could become hers.

June 5, 2016 was no ordinary day. Accompanied by her husband, Adele would always remember the moment an electrifying sensation began at her head and raced to her toes. Immediately, she was on the floor. There was an astonishing discharge of power permeating every fibre of her body. She felt lit!

Returning to her hotel room, following the life-transforming touch she received from the Man of God, Prophet T. B. Joshua, Adele “slept like a baby”, waking up to her dawn of a new experience.

She testified: “Within a week, in Nigeria, God blessed me with the fruit of the womb! He also preserved me and the baby throughout the pregnancy. There were tough times, but He proved tougher!”

For the first time in her life, Adele’s pregnancy arrived safely at the third trimester. And it didn’t just park and stare; on January 18, 2017, a bouncing baby boy, Prince Matthew Joshua, stepped out!

Although at 35+ weeks and weighing 2.5kg, the young man came a little early, his proud mother says: “He is quite normal; has no abnormalities and is growing well in Jesus’ name. He is doing well through the grace of God.”

Unable to “sit” on the testimony, an excited Adele decided the world must hear about the goodness of God in her life, especially when “all that know me and the difficulties I had with child bearing” had been rejoicing.

“The Holy Spirit is present at the SCOAN,” said the new mother, adding: “Prophet T. B. Joshua is truly loaded with God’s anointing”. She also thanked the Church’s intercessors, to whom she sent requests for prayers and has always had results.