“My father, an Emmanuel TV Partner, visits the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) often. He always brought back Morning Water, Stickers and CDs. I want to give glory to God for the breakthroughs I have received through use of the Water and Stickers.

I was not sure what to do after graduating from the university. I began to apply the Morning Water, however, and with the encouragement from my father, things began to fall in place. I was blessed with a job at a diagnostics lab. This is in an area that was not even my field of study. I worked there for six months. One day, I received an email from a recruiter at Abbott Laboratory, a top pharmaceutical company in the world. They needed a team for a new project involving building of a new medical device for the treatment of patients in hospital. I applied, and through the grace of God, I was employed to join the research and development team. While still on probation, the inventory specialist left and I was assigned the responsibility of overseeing inventory for the entire department.

I realised that I loved my job and wanted to further my education and become an expert on the field. I applied to several universities and prayed for an admission into any one God has chosen for me. The first that came was from George Washington University. I informed my family and we celebrated. My dad told me the best was yet to come. We continued to use the Morning Water.

I accepted the admission from George Washington and began the orientation courses, which I did for two months. Then I received another admission into Thomas Jefferson University, a renowned medical school for health professionals and the second medical college founded in the United States.

During my application process for Thomas Jefferson University, I was invited for an interview on campus. I couldn’t attend it due to my work schedule. The school, however, offered to let me have a phone interview with a panel of eight people. After the interview, they told me they would get back to me in a few days. A few days soon turned to three weeks. When finally I heard from them, I was admitted, with a merit-based scholarship, which I never even applied for!

I want to thank God for smiling on me and also pray that his mercy and grace would follow me through the entire programme. This is because I know it is only through his divine power and mercy that I would be able to do well in my programme and emerge one of the top performing students in my class.”