“Emmanuel!!! My name is Oliver Mgadula, a Zimbabwean residing in South Africa. I am very grateful for what Jesus Christ has done for me and my wife! We were looking for the fruit of the womb for several years. It has been hard because she would feel as if she’s pregnant and from nowhere, after having a bad dream, she would start bleeding. This continued until October this year when I decided to quit smoking! I went on Emmanuel TV’s website and sent a prayer request, asking God to help me stop smoking.

“By the grace of God, I stopped smoking and started going to church – which I had stopped attending. Shortly afterwards, I dreamt about the man of God, Prophet TB Joshua, asking me about knowing the secret to be close to God. In that dream, he said: ‘Open your heart’! I then declared, ‘I give myself to You God!” At that moment, there was a strong light that went straight into my chest in the dream! It was so powerful that I started shaking the bed and my wife woke up, scared as to what was happening!

“When I woke up, the first thing I told her was that Jesus is indeed alive! A few days later, I sent a prayer request for the fruit of the womb. To God be the Glory – my wife is now pregnant! I am very very grateful forever in my life; God is indeed our Source!”