Imo’s actions warranted him being behind bars for many years – but he supernaturally encountered the mercy of God after discovering Emmanuel TV!

“Emmanuel! I want to share my wonderful testimony for what God has done in my life. My name is Imo Abakada; I am from Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria but currently living in Austria. Last year, I met a friend who was into selling marijuana and he introduced me to the business. We were running the business together since early 2017 until June 2017 when we were caught by the police.

I was booked to face trial in the court and I know cases like this always end up in a lengthy prison term and then deportation. While i was waiting for the trial day on 5th March 2018, my friends told me that there are many native doctors in their villages who can prepare juju for me for the case to be cancelled in court. However, I refused to buy their ideas. Instead, I took up my phone and called the prayer line of The SCOAN. The Evangelist who responded to my call told me that our God is a God who forgives sins and that He will forgive me if I sincerely prayed to God and confessed my sins, which i did. He prayed for me thereafter.

On March 4th 2018, which was a Sunday, I asked a friend who is living in Lagos to come to The SCOAN and submit a prayer request on my behalf, which she did. The following day, which was my trial, I was assured the mercy of God would speak for me. The court started at 9am in the morning and four different judges presided over the case. Twelve witnesses came into the court room and testified that they knew me as a drug dealer. However, I refused to lose hope. I continued to pray repeatedly in my heart, ‘God of Prophet TB Joshua – establish Your strength in my weakness.’

At exactly 12noon, the judges were ready to pass the judgement. I held the Anointing Sticker in my hand and called on the God of Prophet T.B. Joshua to rescue me. The four judges recounted my charges, which amounted to seven years of imprisonment. Suddenly, one of the judges stood up and asked me and my lawyer to go outside for one minute. They called us back in but I realised the judges were finding it difficult to pass the judgement. They then asked me and my lawyer to stand outside for another minute. When we were called in for the second time, the judges were ready . To everyone’s shock, they announced that I must not be involved again in any kind of criminal case for the next 3 years and I was free to go as this case was closed. People of God, Emmanuel!!!

I am using this great opportunity to advise people around the world to live our lives in a Godly way – and not to engage in drug dealing or any other form of crime. People all over the world should listen to faith building sermons with Prophet T.B. Joshua and always have faith to believe in God in any situation that you find yourself.”