“EMMANUEL! My name is Bridget Jacoba Avorgah and I’m an Assistant Lecturer  in the Islamic University College, Ghana.

“I graduated with a Master of Philosophy Degree in Communication and Media Studies in 2013 and secured a job in September 2015. However, I became anxious as there were no clear career growth. I yearned for a PhD in order to qualify to teach in a government tertiary institution. One night in early 2017, I saw Prophet T.B. Joshua in my dream. I complained about my situation and he brushed it aside by simply saying: “You will go to school; you will do another Masters”.

“I was not happy when I woke up! I asked my husband why I should be going for another Masters when I really wanted a PhD. Soon afterwards, I forgot all about the dream. Then, in August 2017, a friend asked me to check one of the National Newspapers as there were job vacancy announcements. I picked the said edition and opened to the specific page. I saw the Ghana Armed Forces Command and Staff College advertise for its Master and Science in Defence and International Politics (MDIP) programme. Instantly, I felt a heightened interest in the course! I applied and waited eagerly.

“Further Studies is normally well planned, taking into account resource availability. In this case, I didn’t worry even though I had no money in my accounts. By the grace of God, I got admission and school began in February 2018. Last Friday (August 16, 2019), I graduated from the college, winning the two top awards for the weekend class: best dissertation and overall Best student. Emmanuel!!!

“My dissertation is dedicated to Prophet T.B. Joshua and to all men of God whose true commitment and dedication to the call of God bear fruits in us.
The way out for us has come; Jesus is the way!”