Emmanuel! Emmanuel!

We are Mr & Mrs Simbeye from Zambia. We have a testimony to announce to the glory of our Saviour, JESUS CHRIST. On the 23rd of December, 2015, my wife was admitted into the maternity ward around 1900hrs because her pregnancy was due. She was in labour for eight hours without progress. So the midwife booked her for an operation. A cannula injection was inserted on her wrist in readiness to be taken to the theatre for operation.

Around 0130hrs in the night, I was called on the phone to go to the hospital to go and sign so that she could undergo an operation. By the grace of GOD, we had a bottle of Morning Water in the house brought to us by a sister who had visited The SCOAN.

So I carried the bottle of Morning Water and rushed to the hospital in the middle of the night.

At the hospital, I found my wife in the labour room looking hopeless and confused. The mid-wife was just waiting for the doctor on call to come so that she could be taken to the theatre for operation.

At this moment, I asked for permission to pray and I was allowed. I produced my Morning Water and sprayed on my wife’s womb and mouth and prayed. My prayer was like this:

GOD of Prophet T.B. Joshua, through the medium of the Morning Water, I command all muscles responsible for birth to start contracting right now in the name of JESUS!

Lo and behold, in less than a second, my wife screamed!! “I feel like going to the toilet!”

Brethren, that was the beginning of labour. I rushed out of the labour room because labour had just begun and in less than a minute my wife had  given birth to a bouncing healthy baby boy after ministering the Morning Water

We give GOD all the glory!!