Critically ill, he rejected plan by his children to celebrate his 50th marriage anniversary. “If you wish to give me a treat, take me to the Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN),” he pleaded. Read this amazing testimony of how one man’s unwavering faith produced an astonishing miracle.

RRIINNGG! Rriinngg! Rriinngg!

Thaddeus paused. Was it a flash? Was it a call?

Rriinngg! Rriinngg! Rriinngg!

He dropped his shaving stick and walked toward the bedroom.

Rriinngg! Rriinngg! Rriinngg!

He picked up the phone. “Hello.”

“Hello. Thaddeus?”

“Yes…Please, who is on the line?”

“Congratulations o!” said the caller.

Thaddeus knew immediately what the conversation would be about. This was the fourth call of its kind. “Thanks very much. But please, may I know who…”

“Congratulations indeed!” the caller cut in. “In fact, our God is great! He is greatly to be praised! I rejoice with you o!

Thaddeus smiled. He was beginning to get used to calls from excited neighbours surprised at what had happened.

“Thanks, sir. May I know…”

Na me, your father’s neighbour, Mr. …”

Even before he mouthed the name, the mobile phone had begun beeping. Another caller was already waiting.

But the calls had only just started. Many kinsmen lost their lives as a result of the terrible condition. So, when his father made a TOTAL recovery, they were perplexed. “They wanted to know where I took papa,” because the villagers were certain the old man would also die.

IN 2008, my dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer,” said Thaddeus. “He could no longer urinate normally and was forced to use a catheter. After several examinations, doctors concluded he would have to live with the device  for the rest of his life. He was also told that surgery would be of no help, as the prostate had become very cancerous. Besides, given his age, there was little chance he could survive the operation. He settled down to living with the tube, visiting the hospital for a check-up every three weeks, and taking his medications daily.”

In 2010 however there was a new twist. Five decades had passed since Papa said, “I do” to his sweetheart. His children looked forward to giving him an anniversary he would never forget. “But to our greatest surprise, Dad turned down the celebration,” Thaddeus revealed. “He said we couldn’t commemorate the occasion when he was sick. He said the only thing he wanted was visit the SCOAN. Of course, we mounted pressure on him, to change his mind. He persisted.

“‘But why, Papa?’ we asked. He replied, ‘I believe that if I set foot in the SCOAN, I will be healed, whether you people celebrate me or not. The Man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, doesn’t even need to touch me. Let me just set my foot in the premises.’ We showed him how bad his case was and how inconvenient the journey might be. He insisted.”

From Abuja, where he lived, Thaddeus travelled to Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria, to pick up his father and mother. Together, they arrived Lagos, and Grandpa was registered to join the prayer line.

“Prophet T.B. Joshua was present that day but he did not minister at the prayer line,” said Thaddeus. “One of the evangelists simply came to my dad, held him by the arm, and said: “YOU ARE HEALED! GO HOME AND TELL YOUR DOCTOR TO REMOVE THIS CATHETER! That was all.”

As the trio walked away from the church, Grandpa stepped back and stood beside a building. “It was as if he wanted to urinate. When I saw that he stayed there much longer than I expected, I went to him. I noticed he threw something away. He turned to me and said, ‘I have discarded the drainage bag.’ I avoided saying anything that could upset his faith.”

BACK to Owerri, Grandpa visited his doctor. It seemed he had come for the regular check-up. Papa however had an altogether different expectation. “He asked the doctor to remove the catheter, arguing that he has been healed.” The doctor thought: “Poor old fellow; he is merely venting his frustration at the catheter.” He was wrong.

Grandpa was no longer a new boy at insisting on his way. “Doctor, I don’t need it any longer. I AM HEALED! THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH ME! REMOVE IT!” he harped. Worried about the possible consequences, the experienced doctor hastily sought the consent of Papa’s caregivers. One voice however rang loudest above all the shades of opinion. It was the voice of one man: the old man at the centre of the issue. He prevailed.

“Since that day,” Thaddeus testified, “my father has urinated normally. He called me on the phone and declared how he has been healed. I could not believe my ears. I traveled all the way from Abuja to Owerri, a distance of about 700 kilometres, to see things for myself. As proof, my father, an old man of 79 years (at the time he was healed) urinated easily before my very eyes! Till today, it is still a mystery how Dad, now 86, remains strong and very healthy without any sign of the former condition. He does not use the drugs or even any other kind of drug again!”