My name is Isaac Dzuunde Banda, originally from Malawi but residing in South Africa, Early 2014, my friend went to The SCOAN where he brought me a Car sticker written “LET LOVE LEAD”,  which I put on my Car. On 27 January 2016, my friend called me around 23:20 at night telling me that he was stranded with transport. I first told him that was too late & that he was too far; he begged me telling me that the place was a crime hot spot and he feared for his life. Because of that, I end up agreeing to help him. As I was on my way, there was another Car coming in front of me with full lights. I tried to tell the on coming driver to dim the lights by flashing my lights but he didn’t. By the time I was doing that, I didn’t know that there was a donkey on my side of the road. I ended up hitting the donkey and lost control of my car, then my car went off the road & jumped over the pit. From there, I just found myself standing next to my Car outside without a scratch or a single drop of blood. All the doors were closed and I don’t know how I got out of the car and I don’t know who took off the seat belt, {ONLY GOD} My Car is beyond repair, I thank God for saving my life and I thank God for what He is doing in this Ministry and we thank God for the life of our Father, Prophet TB Joshua, Emmanuel!!!!